Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Will use to be bald. as bald they come, minus the 15 super long random hairs that i buzzed when he was a week old. 
at 9 weeks old.. look at that beautiful bald head..

but his hair grew super fast. shockingly fast to me. i am also in denial he's 8 months old.  he was starting to get some long hair over his ears, not in a hockey cute kind of flip way. in a scraggly over the ears, drive a hair dresser crazy kind of way. i've been holding out because his hair is so fluffy and light coloured. but tonight i saw the clippers and the rest is history...

But see the hair on his ears... its now trimmed up. 

he hated the trimmers. but I swear he loves the new hair cut. 

See i couldn't cut that fluff. i love that hair color.

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