Sunday, February 26, 2012

smart and determined!

Levi is really smart, I can tell already! I can see his gears just a workin when he wants something and can't quite reach

Last week I made some brownies and I stepped out of the room for a moment. When I got back I found Levi on the counter licking the bowl, he was covered in batter! He had pushed a chair from the table over and climbed up! I wasn't thinking fast enough to get the camera, all I could think of was getting it all cleaned up.

About a month ago I got asked to make some cookies for a baby shower, I had spent all afternoon baking these 2 kinds of cookies. I put them on the table to cool and thinking nothing of it went and switched the laundry. The house got quite and I went looking for Levi only to find him sitting on the table devouring the cake batter cookies. He didn't touch the lemon crinkles, the sprinkles must have been calling his name and I have no idea how many he ate in those 5 or so minutes he had unsupervised.

 Yesterday when I was dusting I finally decided to move all the movies up a row. Levi can reach them on his tippy toes, and it was becoming such a battle to have to constantly tell him that they are off limits. I watched Levi do what hes doing in the above picture cause I was shocked! First he stood on the toy box and couldn't reach, then he grabbed his potty (which has never been used in case your worried) and put it on top of the box. Then climbed up all of it just to be able to reach. Told ya he's smart!
Then again this afternoon I caught him! I made muffins and Levi had eaten quite a few and I told him no more.  Then I can hear him behind me go get his chair and drag it to the counter and  pull the box closer to him. Then he snatched one and laughed. How could I not let him eat after that?

He's one determined and smart kiddo!


  1. ha ha ha! i can only laugh a little because my little guy is the same's so frustrating. nothing is off limits to them. how many months until they go to school?