Monday, June 17, 2013

three WILL

three months. my favourite age. 

i love all the discoveries they make. the kicking. the drooling. the cooing. the giggles and those smiles that make me swoon. 

 Oh and i love the hair growth that happened over night. do you see what i see?  red.
 he's so cute you get to see him twice.
this kid is the smiliest. seriously.

and he's got rolls. some really yummy ones.

happy three months chubby bubby!
16lbs 13oz

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fathers Day & Mission Call

Yesterday Dave got asked to go work in Medicine Hat for the weekend. Thanks Palladin for a paid vacation! Of course we will go, since your paying gas and our hotel! Because Dave's now working Fathers day we celebrated early. Levi picked out a cake that of course has a "hiking shirt" on it.

 Happy Fathers Day Dave! I couldn't ask for a better Father for my boys! 
I had Levi fill out a little questionnaire about his dad here's a few of his answers:

Whats color are dads eyes: purple
Whats his favourite food: bread
What does he like to do: hike the mountains
Whats his favorite color: pink
Whats his hair color: none

After cake and ice cream we headed out to my parents to go open Justin's mission call. We all put up guesses to where we thought he was going. None of us were even close!

 The Lubbock Texas Mission - spanish speaking. Same mission my brother Darren served! Were all so proud and excited for Justin. I teared up a bit on the way out, its bitter sweet moment for me. I've always been close with Justin, it was just us for four years at home so we grew really close even tho there is four years between us. He's been an amazing uncle and he's one of my best friends! Were sad to see you go but happy your going.
 Of course we had to squish in the nieces and nephews that were there!
Love ya JJ!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Center

Daves been doing a lot of night shifts lately. I really hate them, I can handle one or two but hes done 7 in the last week and half and I just want my husband back. I just want a day to get stuff done around our house. A day where he's all mine! 
Luckily Dave sleeps through quite a bit but its still hard to keep two small children quiet for 8 hours a day. So I've been trying to get out more in the mornings to help break up our day. Lately we've been hitting the family center a lot. Levi loves it there! Every day they have a small play room open from 8-8 and then Wednesday and Friday mornings they have a massive play room open. There's so much to do in the big room!


I finally remembered to bring my camera this morning and get some pictures! This is in the small room, I forgot to pull out the camera once we went into the big room!