Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Center

Daves been doing a lot of night shifts lately. I really hate them, I can handle one or two but hes done 7 in the last week and half and I just want my husband back. I just want a day to get stuff done around our house. A day where he's all mine! 
Luckily Dave sleeps through quite a bit but its still hard to keep two small children quiet for 8 hours a day. So I've been trying to get out more in the mornings to help break up our day. Lately we've been hitting the family center a lot. Levi loves it there! Every day they have a small play room open from 8-8 and then Wednesday and Friday mornings they have a massive play room open. There's so much to do in the big room!


I finally remembered to bring my camera this morning and get some pictures! This is in the small room, I forgot to pull out the camera once we went into the big room!


  1. My kids love it there too -- we haven't been in a while though. They like the escalator too much and I have a hard time getting them in and out without having them run away!

  2. We've never been -- I'm thinking we should join you there one of these days!! :) Melissa