Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Whenever we want to just "get away" or go relax we always head to Waterton. Its our favorite place to escape to. We headed out there yesterday for the day. I even did a hike! Its not that I don't like hiking its the unknown of the animals that I don't like. So in the morning I told dave lets head in to Waterton to do a hike, we got ready pretty quick (I don't think dave wanted to give me time to change my mind) and were out the door. Levi is obsessed with hiking and the mountains (just like dad!) and he was so excited to go! He wanted to see mountain goats so bad!

 Love this picture!

 This kid is the best at traveling! He just sleeps wherever and stays asleep no matter how much we were taking him in and out of his car seat!
 Felt like tourists having a picture taken in front of the falls.
 Big horn sheep!
 This poor fox was so scrawny. We saw a moose but didn't get a picture of it, he was too fast off the road!
 Saw a herd of mountain goats, hooray Levi got to see them!
 Conquering Levi's fear of bears.
 Look at that dimple, how can you ever say no to that!

It was such a nice day to get away!

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