Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mothers day.

Mothers day this year was really special for so many reasons.

- My cousin Ryan got home from his mission last week and it was his homecoming on sunday. Welcome home Ryan! He gave a wonderful talk and we had a fantastic dinner afterwards with the Campbell side of the family.

- For the past week or so my siblings and dad have all known that Justin had been filling out has mission papers. But we were all to keep it a secret from mom, so Justin could tell her. Mothers day morning Justin surprised mom telling her he submitted his papers the day before. We are all so excited and proud of Justin! We love you so much!

- Dave made me breakfast and gave me a really nice letter. Levi and Dave got me a curling iron that I wanted. My hairs getting so long I needed a bigger rod. I used it yesterday and loved it!

- After the homecoming we went out to my moms and had us all together minus dad (we missed ya!). The kids get so wild and crazy together but I think they enjoy it! Its sure fun getting the three babies together and seeing them all grow. Because Will is 4 weeks older then them he looks huge compared to them!

It was such a wonderful day! I love being a mom to my two boys!

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  1. That is so exciting about Justin. Please give him my best wishes. I am proud of him too!