Monday, February 2, 2015

February and 12 weeks!

We made it to February! We survived January, I feel like it deserves a party! 

That was a hard month for me, physically and mentally. The morning sickness just about did me in, and it made it so hard to stay happy and be positive. But we made it through the month and to 12 weeks. So maybe it should be a double party!

As I've been reading up on a septate uterus and its effects, its made me so grateful for the 2 boys we have and this baby on the way. Because mines quite severe, most women have an 80% miscarriage rate, making it extremely hard to have kids. Dave and I have had our struggles with miscarriages but were so blessed to have our kids. Ive tried to remember this as I've been so sick and not feeling so grateful for the sickness and exhaustion. Im getting excited to go hear the heart beat this week, it always seems to make things more real. So glad to have made it to 12 weeks and am now off bed rest. 

(Strathmore's thick winter fog)

I signed Levi up for Kindergarten this fall at the school just down the street from us. It was such a hard decision for me, but I think it all worked out in the end. The school has a Montessori program i'd love for him to be in, but its just half days and with a brand new baby I don't want to be walking back and forth for half days. So I signed him for full days in the hopes of getting into the program for grade one. Fingers crossed! Everyone keeps asking if im sad to be sending him, Im not. Im so excited for him, he's done 2 years of preschool and LOVES it. I am nervous for the transition of having a new baby in the house and full time school, im worried it'll be too much for him.

( sick with a fever, sleeping in our bed)

Wills been such a handful this month, maybe I'm forgetting what Levi was like at this age but I do not remember cleaning up so many messes. He loves to color and keeps finding markers no matter how high we hide them. Good thing its only highlighters so far, cause that comes off our computer with a wipe. He's so busy, unless he's sleeping or sick the kid just goes non-stop. Hes talking so much, I can't believe how much he says already. I have two boys who talk non-stop now. He loves to be funny, and loves when we acknowledge it. We get kisses and hugs from him non-stop still, im trying to soak it in. Seems so crazy still he wont be my baby for much longer. Were getting ready to do a big bed and cut out the soother, so nervous but he'll do great.

( wills face when you pull out the camera, "cheessseee") 

Levi playing with an app on my phone. 

Enjoying the snow.

Started doing hair again, boys were glad that the chair is back out to play with. 

Well I started this blog post 3 hours ago and in that time I've run out of gas (and it's freezing out today, bah!), levi was 25 mins late for preschool and Will fell asleep in the van at 9:30am. That's what happens when your brother wakes you up at 5:30am... So there goes this afternoons nap, so maybe we'll celebrate tomorrow! One day at a time right?! 

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