Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Im not a huge halloween fan. I dont like scary things, I hate the blood and gore stuff and I kind of find it all just annoying. But I tried to have fun with the boys this year. We had 3 parties we went too, and I skipped one - 4 is just too much! We watched halloween movies ( thank you netflix!), painted pumpkins, handed out treats to my visiting teachers and decorated the house. 

Since Levi had 3 parties he got to choose 3 costumes, Iron man, Wolverine and a "worker man". Last year I bought a ton of costumes when they were like $3 on clearance and then Levi got a them for Christmas as a dress up trunk. So we didn't have to buy him anything! And Wills little zebra costume we found at a thrift store in Kalispell. 

The wiggliest zebra there ever was.

"Workers have big muscles Mom." -Levi

Dave took Levi Trick or treating and Will and I handed out the candy. Dave and Levi filled a bag so quickly that they were back in 20 mins to go out again. So Will and I got a little snack while passing out candy. 

They went for about 45 mins and I think Levi brought home a pretty good haul! 

And we can't forget Will...  He always wants to do what Levi's doing!

They both were waiting for the trick or treaters to come. Will went to bed around 7:30 but we let Levi stay up till 8 in hopes of a few more trick or treaters. I think we got 15-20 kids total. We have so much candy left over. 

Heres a few pics from the Halloween Party I organized with out play group.

All in all it must have been a great Halloween, because Levi's been begging to go again.

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