Monday, November 10, 2014

its beginning to look like Christmas...

 Will fell asleep on the couch right before we were gonna set up Christmas so we organized a few things till he woke up. Its pretty cute when he just konks out wherever.

 After setting up the tree, Dave took the boys outside to play in all the fresh snow we just got.
 Will loved being out side but HATED that his hands had to be covered up.

Levis always loves playing in the snow and can always stay out there longer then any of us. He just loves building and doing anything that Dave does outside. Were hoping to find him snowshoes so he can go out with Dave.

 Can you tell Movember has started?? Lovely!

It felt really weird decorating in our new house. I feel so confused where to put new things and our tree isn't by our fireplace... it all feels so weird. But it'll work out. Im sure ill rearrange things several times before Christmas actually gets here!

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