Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my big brother!

This is a post about one of my heros. this goofy picture is of my older brother. were four years apart so when he was graduating i was in my "im so cool im 14" stages. for any of you who are spaced that far apart you know that you dont go to high school together or junior high. so needless to say during high/junior school years we weren't super close. it was after he returned from his mission and i was just graduating that we were able to become best friends. my parents moved to arizona right after i graduated so it was only me and darren in lethbridge. he was the best brother a little sister could have had! he helped me get to know lots of people in YSA ( that big scary world ). he showed me how to be me. darren was always there through all my ups and downs and yet showed be through example of the way things are. sorry this is just such a blab but he had a quote on his status today that really hit home for me and just made me come to miss him so much as him and his "2 cuties" are living in saskatoon.

heres that quote:

"the differnce between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." Lately this quotes really hit home.

Thanks darren for being such a wonderful example and big brother. love ya so much!

Heres darren and his family now..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i have no title.. im lame.

Heres my nice puffy/swollen smile! This is taken about 5 days after i got my wisdom teeth out. somehow i still look stoned!

heres ME! with my new extensions and color.. i know i know. i have been saying im gonna grow out my hair and get to my natural red hair. i cant help it. its a terrible addiction, i know i should quit!

this is what we do for fun! ROCKBAND! this is my brother-in-law Roger.
heres mindy and dan rockin' out! they enjoy wearing matching outfits, just teasing! ;)

heres our babies im sure everyone thinks were obsessed. they are now sleeping next to one another and playing! woohoo! it was scary at first they didnt get along. they are constantly making us laugh. rascal (kitten) is so playful! he is such a spaz (in a good way). bowie (the grey chunkster) would be a good mouser if we let her outside. she talks to the flies and makes such weird noises. we always get asked if there is a baby in the house, nope its just bowie boob. what a terrible nick name, and thats only for a cat. our poor kids.

this is the cat tree dave built! i love my handy man! saved us $100!

heres bowie boob sleeping.. i dont know how she is comfortable?

heres razzy bear. hes getting so big! we cant get over how fast its happening. we have almost had him for 3 weeks now!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i am a chimpunk...

Well yesterday was the BIG day. All 4 wisdom teeth were extracted. We had thought i was being put out, like completely asleep. HA! No it was just IVS, big surprise to me when i woke up and became conscience half way through! thankfully i had awesome dental assistants to help me calm my hyper ventilating and going into shock. they had to help me get my heart rate down before they could finish. it was the worst thing ive ever heard or felt. i could hear them cracking my one tooth because they couldnt get it out. GROSS! then i could feel lots of the pressure and my mouth had started to unfreeze on the right side. poor dave could hear me in the waiting room crying and asking why i was awake? I am so grateful that the drugs have not made me crazy or have any hallucinations. yesterday went fairly well besides the fact my arms and legs were tingly and the left side of my face stayed numb 12 hours longer then it should have. i was nervous because the dentist had never heard of anyone having numbness in any other areas besides the face. but all is well. im starting to look like a chipmunk but i feel awesome and am being spoiled like crazy from dave! just giving an update! thanks for all the phone calls or emails of concern!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the niche...

I am SO in love with doing hair at home! Its cheaper, more relaxing, and comfortable. Just these past few weeks I have been doing more hair at home and I have loved getting to know everyone better and to do hair out of the salon setting. Yes, I do wash hair in the kitchen sink for colors but if you don't mind that the prices are less than half of what you pay for at the salon! We just bought our first place and I now have more room!

The days I that TRY to work are:

Mondays - 9am-7pm
Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 7pm-10pm
Saturdays - 9am-7pm

It never hurts to just message me and ask if any other time works. I'm pretty flexible. I still work full time at Regis Salon in Park Place Mall.

Woman's cut: $20
Men's cut: $15
Children's cut: (16 and under) $10

Solid color $35
Half head foils $35
Full head foils $55
Solid and foils $75

Perms $50

Special on right now:
With a color right now your haircut is 50% off.