Thursday, September 17, 2009

i have no title.. im lame.

Heres my nice puffy/swollen smile! This is taken about 5 days after i got my wisdom teeth out. somehow i still look stoned!

heres ME! with my new extensions and color.. i know i know. i have been saying im gonna grow out my hair and get to my natural red hair. i cant help it. its a terrible addiction, i know i should quit!

this is what we do for fun! ROCKBAND! this is my brother-in-law Roger.
heres mindy and dan rockin' out! they enjoy wearing matching outfits, just teasing! ;)

heres our babies im sure everyone thinks were obsessed. they are now sleeping next to one another and playing! woohoo! it was scary at first they didnt get along. they are constantly making us laugh. rascal (kitten) is so playful! he is such a spaz (in a good way). bowie (the grey chunkster) would be a good mouser if we let her outside. she talks to the flies and makes such weird noises. we always get asked if there is a baby in the house, nope its just bowie boob. what a terrible nick name, and thats only for a cat. our poor kids.

this is the cat tree dave built! i love my handy man! saved us $100!

heres bowie boob sleeping.. i dont know how she is comfortable?

heres razzy bear. hes getting so big! we cant get over how fast its happening. we have almost had him for 3 weeks now!

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