Thursday, May 28, 2015


The boys have really been using their imaginations this week. Its so fun to listen to what they come up with. Levi has been calling Will, Smee and Levi pretends hes's Hook.  They sword fight and run and hide under the trampoline from the "pirates". They've been playing so well, its been fun to watch.

Levi has learned to "pump" his legs on the swing and is quite excited about it. I just love that swing.  Levi had his Kindergarten assessment yesterday and I walked out with my cheeks hurting, I just couldn't stop smiling. He is sooo ready for kindergarten. They told us to expect to be there 35-45 mins, we were out in 15 mins. He just could do everything that they asked. We were so proud. 

Our friends gave us this play house and Will loves to cook us food in it.  Levi has a hidden rock collection hiding in there.

And I just gotta show our dandelion city... yeesh its bad! But look at the lilacs in the back!

I feel like maybe by next summer I'll have relaxed enough to just let the boys run around without me having to constantly watch. We now have cows in the pasture behind us and the corrals in our yard. And the boys CAN'T seem to leave them alone and I have panic attacks that they will crawl into the fence and I won't know it. Slowly... slowly I'll be able to loosen up.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Levi Preschool Graduation.

Today was Levi's Preschool grad and year end party. They kicked it off with such a fun magic show, the kids were giggling so much. They had a picnic, and then a little celebration.  

Levi with his teacher Mrs.Zarowny. She was so much fun! We couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

Not the best picture but YAY Levi!

Levis preschool class, 10 girls and 2 boys!

I totally forgot to have someone take our picture, so we snapped one when we got home. Thanks to self timers and the van.

So grateful for a friend who took Will this morning for me, I've been having really bad braxton hicks and didn't know if we'd even make it to Levi's grad. We were sad Dave couldn't make it so he's gonna take Levi out for supper tonight. 

Way to go bud, we love ya!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday & third trimester

Levi picked his pose. 

The boys all handsome for church!

What a goof!

We made it to the third trimester. YAY! As you can see I wasn't the most cooperative model.  But we got it documented. 

28 weeks -

Still sleeping on my stomach if I don't have Braxton hicks. 

Have Braxton hicks 4-5/hour. Getting painful and quite uncomfortable. Making the days feel harder then they should- fake contractions all day, seriously. 

Starting to feel baby more and she does some good somersaults. Makes me a little dizzy! 

Starting to feel prepped for baby. Clothes and blankets are all washed and folded. Dresser is painted pink! Now to sew some blankets!

Got freezer meals done this weekend with Laura, so good to have those ready for the summer. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

the boys - blossoms & popcorn.

One of the trees in our back yard has these pretty little blossoms. Levi asked the other day when the popcorn will be ready! Since things are looking green and we've got these gorgeous blooms I thought I should take advantage. Literally told the boys to get outside and grabbed the camera, Wills even wearing crocs ha!

Levi just looks so grown up lately, I can't believe he turns 5 soon.

Classic Will face.

Life is definitely not boring with these two.

Tried to bribe him to get a smile, nope. But I still love this picture, so him.

Friday, May 1, 2015


I was inside cooking supper and looked out to see Levi driving the lawn mower!

The boys love when Dave mows the lawn, they each get turns sitting on his lap.

We were playing out at the Roberts this morning and they had little watering cans that the boys loved. So on the way home we stopped to try to find some. I couldn't find any small ones, but they seemed to enjoy these. Will came in soaking wet and covered in mud!

I've been trying to take advantage of all the sunshine cause I know come July I won't want to be outside all day, 9 months pregnant. The boys really are loving the outdoors, and its getting much easier now that they really know where they can go and where not to go. They gave me a pretty good heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I had come in the house to do something and could hear them playing. Then realized I didn't hear them any more, and started looking around outside everywhere for them. Started yelling Levi and Will to see where they'd gone off too, after a few minutes (but felt like an eternity) of running and screaming around our yard I found them at the neighbours in his garage. Once I got them inside I just started to cry telling Levi how worried I was not knowing where they were, he felt so bad. They know are pretty good at staying "where I can see them". Its what I always say when they go out.

Such handsome boys!

Some other fun outside photos-