Friday, May 1, 2015


I was inside cooking supper and looked out to see Levi driving the lawn mower!

The boys love when Dave mows the lawn, they each get turns sitting on his lap.

We were playing out at the Roberts this morning and they had little watering cans that the boys loved. So on the way home we stopped to try to find some. I couldn't find any small ones, but they seemed to enjoy these. Will came in soaking wet and covered in mud!

I've been trying to take advantage of all the sunshine cause I know come July I won't want to be outside all day, 9 months pregnant. The boys really are loving the outdoors, and its getting much easier now that they really know where they can go and where not to go. They gave me a pretty good heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I had come in the house to do something and could hear them playing. Then realized I didn't hear them any more, and started looking around outside everywhere for them. Started yelling Levi and Will to see where they'd gone off too, after a few minutes (but felt like an eternity) of running and screaming around our yard I found them at the neighbours in his garage. Once I got them inside I just started to cry telling Levi how worried I was not knowing where they were, he felt so bad. They know are pretty good at staying "where I can see them". Its what I always say when they go out.

Such handsome boys!

Some other fun outside photos-

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