Monday, September 27, 2010

teeth.. say what?

Is it possible for our 2 1/2 month old to be teething? Here’s the symptoms:

- 2 little white bumps on the bottom gums.

- constant crying & crankiness.

- sparatic eating & sleeping & bm’s.

- always sucking on his hands.

- so much drool.

hmm? were unsure if this is the dreaded teething stage. i just think he may to small for this but he seems to have all the symptoms. When did your kids start teething? When did th tooth finally poke through? besides tylenol or a teething ring did you find anything to help ease the pain?


  1. I don't remember exactly when L started teething, but if it is teething we used teething tablets and they seemed to work great. We got them at the Olivers health foods store there in Lethbridge. Good luck !

  2. Renae starting teething symptoms at 4.5-5ish months and we didn't see teeth cut through until she was 8 months! it was like the first ones played peekaboo until they were finally ready to stay for good. i've heard that a clean rag soaked in chamomile tea (it's herbal) and then frozen works wonders. renae loved chewing on frozen rags...but she was lots older, too, so could hold it by herself. Hope that helps! Teething is tough!

  3. Mine didn't get any teeth until around a year old. I'd give mine cold veggies or popsicles, but obviously Levi can't do that yet. I found infant Advil worked the best since it helps reduce the swelling too. Good luck!