Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

call us sailors.....

gone fishin'
thats me a fishin'

theres our baby pike
my handsome (burly) man & his pike! its the first time i have seen someone
catch a fish. it was so much fun. im going to get my license tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i need a new haircut... help

So i need help on deciding a new haircut. ive been trying to grow it out but my back grows so fast that i keep getting a mullet. so i need to just except reality that i cant have long hair.also i have had the same style for almost 3 years. here are some pictures, tell me what you think..

so im open to any ideas... i do have extensions to give myself long hair...
PLEASE HELP! i think im gonna be cutting it soon so let me know what ya think!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


okay i admit i cried the first time i heard this song. for those of you who know me might know im a taylor swift groupie...groupie as in a big fan! also my best friend Kaylee Gardner is a huge Coldplay fanatic and got me hooked in high school. this song just rushed so many memories to me and i cried i full out admit i cried to a song! just wanted to share this...

a weekend of family fun!

Last week i worked so hard! im tired of only making minimum wage so im determined to make commission (regis sets a very high standard). So i worked about 48 hours last week and just kept working and taking in walk ins. so i was just dead by saturday night and looking forward to our weekend of family. Dave an i babysat on saturday for the olers and had a blast! Sunday was our last sunday teaching in the 11th ward so we had a little primary movie/party/lesson with our 4 year olds. That was fun. So im gonna brag a little here: so im not much for a cook but sunday morning i made muffins for breakfast, cookies for church and 2 pies for desert for mothers day whew! At 5 we had family over for mother's day and Darren and Laura came down for dinner and surprised my mom. We made roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables and there were salads... yum! then pie for desert. Monday is my day off so i conquered 3 loads of laundry and then went to the olers and took over the movie bolt to distract the kiddies. We got supper going and got the cake baked. it was so nice to just help mindy and have such a good chat. shes a saint and doesnt even know it! also i got to add this story in:

when i got to the olers i just put my purse on the couch and went to the kitchen, i was peeling potatoes when ammon walks in with my glasses on and mindy tells him to put them back and stay out of my purse. i told him that other peoples glass can hurt your eyes. then david comes in with my sunglasses on, again.. go put them back! mindy jokes.. now i know that i will have to keep my door locked for when i move in. then david comes back holding a compaq tampon in each hand and ask "auntie nysha what are these?" haha i just started laughing. again mindy tells him to go put those back. Mindy and i had a good chuckle over that. you can tell i dont have kids yet.. im not use to these funny little stories happening all the time.

so that night we went to bryans 1st birthday party! it was fun and so cute to see him so curious and gentle with the cake. then tonight we went and hung over at britany and lawernce's house before going to see wolverine. it was nice to go over there we havent hung out with them in awhile. dave and i enjoy it so much! they have 2 adorable children and britany allows me to quiz her with a million questions about kids, babies, and being pregnant (and NO im not.. in case you were gonna ask...). anywho thats our weekly update! it was such a fun weekend. now we need to get our butt in gear and get packing!

P.S. if anyone has any extra boxes, we would love them... we move in 2 weeks and dont have enough boxes...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

im facebook free and it feels good!

after a week of contemplation about facebook, i decided to just get rid of it and it feels so good!! also i knew once dave would be gone it would be alot more tempting to go on more and i want to start filling my time with other things. just wanted everyone to know so they dont think i deleted them off my friends list. hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

facebook........ ?

ive been contemplating the past few days what to do with facebook. i think i just need to make a pros and cons list. i think facebook creates more destruction then good now. i love being able to keep in touch with people that i normally never get to talk to. im just growing tired of the constant gossip and how i seem to allow it to take up and waste so much of my time. my sister and her husband quit facebook when they got married and i always thought wow that's drastic, but now i agree with their reasoning's. a lady and i got talking from church about facebook and how she quit a little awhile because of the same things i feel about it. i know it seems silly but it was such a good example to me and im contemplating the pros and cons of it. maybe i am the only one who thinks about leaving but im so tired of the ads i see and things that get put up that are terrible. also some peoples status i always question why would you put that on facebook?!! im just so torn because i get to keep up with so many people and i get to find out whos getting married and having babies etc... agh! i dont know what to do!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

smoothie queen

okay i have this fetish with smooties, i guess saying fetish makes me sound like a real creeper. i love to make smoothies and create new tastes and experiment. Last night i think i made the mother of all mother smoothies. Heres my recipe to greatness:
Peach Danone yogurt (use the full container this gives the thickness)
1 1/2 cupsFrozen summer assortment of fruit ( pineapple, honey dew, cherries, peaches, cantaloupe)
3 tbsp.Tropical Bacardi ( this is a virgin one i promise!)
1/2 cup milk
3 tbsp. Pina colada Bacardi
1/2 cup of ice

This was sooo good! i loved it! just thought i would share it!