Friday, April 24, 2015

6 months. 24 weeks. 168 days.

We made it to 6 months! We've finally got to see her little face. She made us work for that! 5 ultrasounds later they got all the pictures they needed.   

We had an emergency ultrasound at 18 weeks, because they couldn't find the heartbeat and thought we lost the baby.  Turns out the placenta is in front and baby is wayyyy back in the pelvis. We have yet to hear her heart beat on the Doppler. Stresses me out a little each time. Because it was just a quick ultrasound to check for a heartbeat they sent me back 2 weeks later. At that ultrasound she couldn't get very many pictures but did tell us it's a girl (yay!!). I saw my OB that afternoon and she referred me to their ultrasound clinic the next morning to try to get all the pictures. That tech was positive she'd get all the pictures she needed! Oh dear, this little girl was not giving us anything. I was there for 2 hours and had the specialist even came in to look. She was face to my spine, hands on her face, knees tucked up and way back into my pelvis.  So they had me come back the next day and the next day. They wanted me back again that week but I said no, it's an hour and a little bit away and I was so sore from them pushing and digging and bouncing, to get pictures. So back again 2 weeks later, and they got a few more pictures. We still don't have all that we need but they said it's good enough and from what they can tell everything looks good. 

A bunch of friends have been having babies the past bit and it's making me so excited! We've picked out a name already, but won't tell until she's here. Laura and I switched a bunch of clothes and I got a ton free off the Facebook garage sale site for free. So I feel like we're getting ready for her. I picked up a dresser and am hoping to paint it this weekend for her then organize all the teeny tiny clothes. 

Weight gain: 3lbs
Mood: happy and sore
Sleeping: still on my stomach!! Woot!
Cravings: nothing crazy but still liking root beer slurpees. Oh and the smell of laundry!
Gender: girl
Feeling: hips are starting to grind and lock up at night, so tired!
Clothes: maternity
Names: we've pick first and middle name out
Smells: can't stand the smell of cold pizza 

Here's to 14 more weeks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Huba huba hubby!

Darren needed some pictures of Dave for a project at school. Im glad he did it! How awesome to have these pictures of Dave as a sheriff. I know its not something Dave will do for his whole career but its been such a good job, and good stepping stone into the police field.

Also can we just talk about how handsome he is, seriously what a stud. 

And speaking of Dave's job, he was actually transferred and now works out of the escort base up in the NW by the Remand Center. He was actually suppose to start back at the courthouse in April but was asked to transfer to Escort. He enjoys wearing his uniform to work and actually parking at his job! Amazing stuff eh? Its saving him 45 mins every morning, yay(!!) for not leaving the house at 4:30am anymore. He's home sooner if there isn't over time, it seems to be more unpredictable. The schedule is more crazy, each week seems to be something different. This week he's running prisoners to Red Deer and Bowden. He seems to be enjoying it, each day is something new. Like today, a flat tire with a van full of cons. Fun! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Will two - pictures.

I managed to snap a few pictures of Will. I lost the battle on his boots but did manage at least a sweater.

He fell but didn't want to let go of the ball so he couldn't get back up, mean mommy snapped a picture first.

"these my teeth mom, take a picture"

Classic Will face.

Love ya bubbs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Will. Two.

Oh Will, how are you already two?! I still remember when they handed me your chubby not so little body (9lbs 10oz!). You've captured my heart from that moment on, and we're so glad you chose us. How lucky are we to be your parents! I must admit I was terrified for you to turn two, I didn't want you to become a terrible two year old. But you haven't, not yet .. Kidding! (Kind of)

You talk as much as your older brother, if not more. We didn't even think that was possible. You repeat all things, good and bad. And love to try to say big words like, trampoline. You have the cutest little voice, that I hope lasts awhile longer. You have a scream like we've never heard before, you let us know when that is NOT what you wanted. But then soon as we've picked right we get a thank you and a kiss. Oh your manners, they are so good. Your so polite and so sweet. In the middle of the night you get so mad if I try to make you sleep in your own bed, I usually give up after a half hour of so. And as soon I pick you up to bring you into our bed you kiss me and give me an "I love you". Then you snuggle in as close as you can into me or dad and fall asleep so fast.  

Will, you are such a sensitive little guy. So sensitive to your own feelings and those around you. Always worried when someone's sad or hurt. "You ok?" "Whys he sad, mom?" Are phrases we hear a lot. You're feelings are hurt easily but not for long, your quick to forgive with a quick "it's ok!". And so good at a hug and a "sorry" if you've hurt someone else's feelings. 

Tonight as you fought so hard to fall asleep I laid down with you, my heart just swelled with love as you kissed me and said "see ya in the mornin'!" (What we say to each other every night). You had closed your eyes and started to snore softly so I slowly snuck out of bed and your eyes popped open and you smiled so big and told me to come back. It's those little moments you know your funny and I can see it makes you so happy to make others around you happy. I hope you can keep that attribute, it's one of my favourite things about you. 

I still remember when your dad gave you your baby blessing and he said you'd bring peace and love into the home. You bring so much love and peace, we couldn't imagine life without ya. You've filled our lives with so much joy. 

You're our little ball of fire.
Our wild man. 
& we love ya sooo much!