Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Huba huba hubby!

Darren needed some pictures of Dave for a project at school. Im glad he did it! How awesome to have these pictures of Dave as a sheriff. I know its not something Dave will do for his whole career but its been such a good job, and good stepping stone into the police field.

Also can we just talk about how handsome he is, seriously what a stud. 

And speaking of Dave's job, he was actually transferred and now works out of the escort base up in the NW by the Remand Center. He was actually suppose to start back at the courthouse in April but was asked to transfer to Escort. He enjoys wearing his uniform to work and actually parking at his job! Amazing stuff eh? Its saving him 45 mins every morning, yay(!!) for not leaving the house at 4:30am anymore. He's home sooner if there isn't over time, it seems to be more unpredictable. The schedule is more crazy, each week seems to be something different. This week he's running prisoners to Red Deer and Bowden. He seems to be enjoying it, each day is something new. Like today, a flat tire with a van full of cons. Fun! 


  1. Those are awesome photos! What a good looking guy!

  2. Those are awesome photos! What a good looking guy!

  3. What a handsome brother I have!! :)