Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh dear, I love these moments.

oh dear, its been a perfect day! I think its because I have these 2 in my life.


Levi loves sitting on Dave’s shoulders! I was trying to capture Levi holding Dave’s ears but I missed it. Oh well, its still a cute moment!

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  1. So cute! Euan loves it on Glenns shoulders too, he usually leaves a puddle of drool in Glenns hair :)
    For some reason it doesn't tell me when you add a new post to your blog....??? So I will have to check manually from now on! As for what to do to get the little munchkin to sleep all the way through the night, I'm afraid I have no clue what we did differently. He just decided one night to sleep! He still has his bad nights when he's teething or just wanting to cuddle(I don't mind the cuddling!)