Monday, March 4, 2013


As we wait for the big day, seems like time is slowing down! I haven't made plans for these few weeks so we haven't had much going on but here's a few pictures.

 My mom took Levi for the day so Dave and I could get all the things done we needed to before baby. I think he had a blast, he keeps asking to go to grandmas and make cookies.
 Levi helped Dave build some shelves for the baby's closet.
 Levi insisted on wearing his old baby sunglasses and then fell asleep with them on.
 Getting all the details done on the baby side of the room.
 We found a recipe for some awesome "bubble dough" its just corn starch and dish soap. It was so much fun and easy to clean up.
 We went and watched our niece and nephew play basketball. It was so much fun, Levi got so excited when his cousin scored a basket.

 Levis been such a big momma's boy lately, crawling into bed for extra snuggles and needing a lot more books from mom. I can't complain tho, I am loving all the attention I'm getting while its just us.
 Our neighbors water line broke and we had no water for 2.5 days. To make things easier we headed out to my parents house, Levi thought it was the best! Here he is wearing uncle Justin's hat.
We had a big storm yesterday and Levi said he needed hot chocolate and the fireplace on to warm up. I love big snow storms, they force you to snuggle in and watch a movie.

We're waiting for baby Murray to come any day now, so hopefully the next post has some big news in it!

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