Sunday, February 17, 2013

37 weeks.

      We made it to "full term" meaning this baby is fully devolved and can be born any day now without being considered "preemie". A month ago I couldn't wait to be here, now I'm thinking oh my goodness! Its time to have hospital bags packed, freezer meals done, and the house clean and ready to go. Its been almost three years since I've had to do this and I feel like I've forgotten everything. I'm googling what to pack in a hospital bag and what last minute things to have on hand. I'm hoping it'll all come back to me soon.

      At my last dr's appointment we found out that baby Murray is breeched, meaning his feet are in my pelvis and his head is in my rib cage. This is upside down to how they're suppose to be for delivery. My doctor is gone all next week, so she suggested I try a few things to help get this baby flipped over. So I have an ultrasound Friday to check if we were successful or not, and where the umbilical cord is located. Then we meet with her again on Tuesday to review the ultrasound and decide what we'd like to do from there. Book a planned c-section, or do an ECV (manually turn the baby externally) if the umbilical cord isn't in the way.

      The day I found this out I was fine, then that night I started to get upset. I tend to like to control my situation and this isn't giving me very much control. I had a phenomenal labor with Levi and it made for such a good recovery that thinking about a 6 week recovery just sounds awful.  But the more time and prayers I've said I feel comfortable with whatever will happen. I've been so stressed the last few weeks that Dave would miss the labor, he's in an outdoor survival class where they're going camping a few times and then he's got hike coming up as well. I just felt stressed he would be gone without reception or make it back in time. So maybe this is the answer to our prayers that it ensures Dave will be there.

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