Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will {7months} & fall

 21lbs 2oz
sitting up like a champion
stills dislikes being on the floor (double ear infections for almost three months straight I don't blame him)
loves pumpkin muffins, bread, bananas
getting tired of puree food wants to chew up food
eats everything in sight
starting to notice when Levi leaves the room not just mom
gets excited when we facetime Dave
jibber jabbers like crazy
loves the car seat once the car is moving
size 4 diapers
size 6-12 month pants and 12-18 months onesies/shirts

 He's got the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen.
 and mhmm! I just wanna kiss him all day! The antibiotics are kicking in and were so happy to be getting a little more sleep and all those smiles back!

With this perfect fall weather we hit up a couple parks yesterday and so i took my camera to do Wills 7 month photos but of course Levi was being all cute so I got some of him too. These pictures describe levi perfectly.

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  1. haha nysha i just laughed at this... my almost 2 year old is still in size 3 diapers haha and Will is already in size 4 thats crazy! :P