Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preschool- Halloween party

Levi seems to really be enjoying preschool. He's fairly shy while hes there, from what I've seen he doesn't do much of the singing or actions. He likes to just observe everyone with a smile and little giggle. When were at home he sings all the songs and its adorable. Today I was lucky enough to get to attend the Halloween party with him. He was pretty excited I was there, but pretty disappointed Dad couldn't be there. We got to enjoy snacks, songs and games.Wills little arms and legs were just a kicking he loved watching all the kids.

I took pictures at preschool on my phone but snapped some with the camera after we got home - these were the best I could get, even with bribing. Stubborn Elephant! 

Here's Horton (from "Horton hears a who"):

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