Sunday, October 6, 2013


 This kid is tough I tell ya! He has the happiest personality and I have just felt so blessed to be his mommy. Friday we had an appointment at the hospital, for what I understand as an ultrasound. Woah was I wrong! Its called a barium enema. They take xrays all over his stomach before they fill him with this "barium enema". Its pretty much like a chalky substance that they fill up his intestines with. Not just a little bit, it was two full very big (8") syringes full. Once they finished that very uncomfortable part they told me he would poop within 15-30 mins and they would need to take more pictures. I tried to explain how suppository's take him 12 hours sometimes, and that it could be awhile for him. They reassured me this kid is so full that he will go soon. After 4 hours of waiting I asked if we could leave and come back, Murphy's law as I was on my way to get Levi he went in the car so we turned back to go get another picture taken.
 Thankfully while we were waiting they gave me a little quiet room that I could nurse and nap him in. It was hard to watch my baby go through something so uncomfortable that I was grateful to have that time to just hold him.
 After the xrays we were told we'd need to come back 24 hours later from the first xray to track the progress. So Saturday morning we headed back for a few more xrays. Will was all smiles for all the Dr's and nurses. I couldn't believe how happy he was through it all. I could just keep feeling the spirit from the blessing my dad gave me that week helping both of us to be strong.
There's been a few nasty side effects for him and I wish the nurses would have warned me. We will find out in a few weeks what the diagnosis is, and how to proceed from there.

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  1. Poor baby -- I hope answers come soon and that you can feel our prayers for all of you. We got to see Dave for a bit tonight and he seems good -- misses you guys though!! - Melissa