Wednesday, February 26, 2014

guess what....

in a matter of a week and a half... (of pure craziness) we SOLD our house and found our new house! 
We're moving to STRATHMORE! We hadn't even considered moving there, we liked Airdrie or the NE to be close to some family we know in Calgary. After a week of searching all day and some late nights we couldn't find anything in our budget, that would fit our family, and be close to some things we wanted. Then we found this place in Strathmore, I was actually excited to go look. The week was so emotionally draining, we would find something we like and within hours of it being listed it'd be gone. Or we would show up for an appointment and there's 15 other people there and half of them are filling out an application. We even saw one place that had bongs laying around and police tape all around the block. I saw a total of 14 places before we chose this place. 

We are darn excited to be living back together after 6 months of this chaos! Im so excited to finally feel like I'm now apart of this new adventure, some days I felt a little left behind. We're on the same street as the pool, hospital, skating rink and 3 schools. Levi will be able to continue preschool and I'm so happy about that! We will also have a spare bedroom.... and we LOVE visitors!

We move March 28/29... thats in a month! OH BOY!

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