Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Will turns one today and I just wanna write about how sad I am that he's one, and where has the time gone etc... BUT 12-18months is one of my favourite stages! 

23lbs 10oz (75%)
30.5" tall (75%)
40cm head circumference (60%)
7 teeth
Momma's strawberry blonde hair & Daddy's fine hair
Blue eyes
adorable rolls and dimples

Signing: please, all done, thank you, more

Loves to do actions to songs

eats everything but green grapes

Sleeping is getting better

BUSY! he's such a busy little boy


Screamer, I think he gets worried he's being left out sometimes and feels the need to scream just to make sure we know he's still there. Or if the boys are chasing each other he screams just to join in on the chaos.

Dramatic, he can throw a tantrum like a one year old I've never seen and then the next minute be giggling. 

Loves to cuddle.

Loves to play in the toilet.

Loves to read books.

Has to be doing everything Levis doing. Will's caught on to dropping Levi off at preschool, and so he gets so excited when I ask if he wants to go pick up big brother. They sure love each other.

Feisty and Sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday Will!

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