Friday, April 4, 2014

the move.

    I wanted to do this post with pictures of the new house, but unpacking is going slower then I thought. A teething baby (the worst he's been yet)  and a sick husband its gone slower then I'd hoped. So ya'll can get the tour next week!


    Went so smooth... really smooth. The only hiccups we really had were, that the land lords were about an hour behind so all our help that came had to wait an hour to help unload the uhaul. And the roads up here were super foggy! We had so much help loading the uhaul, we expected about 6 people and ended up with 12 (?) or so. The guys thanked me for having it all so organized, YAY I was so stressed that day and just felt like it wasn't as organized as I wanted it. They were loading up so fast that Dave had to tell them all to take a break cause he couldn't keep up! We had it all loaded and the whole house clean in less then 2 hours, helps that my mom had the kids for half the day (thanks mom!!). The unloading took a little longer, but went well! The only real hitch was our queen box spring didn't fit down the stairs, so we slept on our mattress on the floor for a few days till we got our new bed. Thanks to the inlaws for helping bring up our second vehicle and load/unload!

    Our ward, I tear up thinking about last weekend. It was beyond more welcoming then I could have imagined! We had lots of help from the ward to unload. We had a couple families bring dessert over to welcome us into the ward on saturday. On Sunday it seemed like everyone kept stopping us and asking if were the Murray's, or if they didn't know who we were they wanted too! The bishop had a meeting with us to welcome us into the ward and see how things went with the move. A family from our old ward is now living up here (just across the street, woohoo!) and they had us over for dinner, thank you Thompson's! During the week we've had a few more people come over with food and welcome us. We're really excited about the ward, its got a huge primary (18 kids in levis class) and lots of young families!

   Levi started preschool Monday, I felt so hesitant about it because I hadn't heard much about it. Where as Noah's ark we had heard everyone rave about it. We got there early for the tour and to register him, he's the 12th kid in there class and the biggest class size yet ( i love the smaller class size! He didn't even turn around to say good bye when I left, he's absolutely loved it so far and has come home with some pretty fun crafts! On Wednesday while he was in preschool and Will fell asleep in the car I decided to explore a little bit around town. I found the spray park, family center, library, theater, flower shop and lots of cute little stores. The town has a strange layout so it'll take some time to get used to it, took forever to find downtown!

   I feel like this is where were suppose to be, its been a long 7 months of this adventure but so glad to finally have a place we all call home. We're really loving our new house and the neighborhood! Can't wait to be unpacked and get it all decorated! Thanks again to all those who helped us move, it went way better then we could have imagined! (huge thanks to my sister in law Shauna, she is a cleaning/moving machine!)

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  1. I'm so glad that everything worked out ok! We miss you guys!