Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drumheller again.

 We hiked horse shoe canyon on Levi's actual birthday. This is his element, he's just like his dad.

 We headed into Drumheller to do some more exploring. Levi loves all the dinosaur statues in town.
 We went to the sketchy reptile museum, the boys thought it was cool! Its pretty outdated and stinky but the boys found all the animals pretty cool.

 Then we headed into Wayne a ghost town where they filmed some of Shanghi Noon. It takes 11 bridges in about 20km (a world record) to get there.
 We then found a little vintage market out in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to stay longer but both boys had fallen asleep in the car so we just looked quickly.

I love that Dave and I have really tried to get to know the new area we live in. We hope the boys are loving it too. There's been so many fun things we have found around here. 

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