Thursday, April 10, 2014

the tour, pt.1

 Upstairs bathroom/Kids bathroom.
 Because Will loves cupboards, and figured out this one has his bath toys in it.

 Who carpets a dining room? We found some cheap rugs at ikea to lay down and prevent stains. Will still throws all his food off his high chair, so it was a disaster waiting to happen. still need to fill the empty walls, not sure if ill put up the white shelf there (sitting next to piano in picture below).
 Upstairs living room. I haven't quite finished organizing it yet.

 the mirrors, im pretty sure they've become my nemesis. i loathe them and don't know how to decorate around them.

 Our entry way is pretty big actually, I love the hooks and it has a closet! after having a porch, i was worried about a small entry way.
 Our bathroom. weird to love a bathroom but heated floors.. the best

 Our queen box spring didn't fit down the stairs, sorry landlords theirs some new dings in the wall. oops! oh shucks we have to get a king bed, bummer! We found this steal of a deal on kijiji, calgary kijiji rocks!
 Theres this awkward space in our room and thanks to my SIL's advice she helped me fill it.
 Still need to paint the frame above our bed and add some more empty ones.
 Our closet, still trying to organize it, I find it kind of awkward.
(just noticed, i wear a lot of stripes)

well im slowly starting to feel settled. im so darn impatient that its been hard on me that its taking this long. i thought since i grew up moving lots that I was more adaptable then what i've learned i am. i forgot about the little things, going to walmart and not recognizing a soul. not having a neighbor to watch your kids for a few minutes cause you have an appointment. not knowing anyone at levi's preschool. having to put in your location on a gps every time. just the little things, but they sure have made me a little home sick. its been a hard few weeks, dave and I haven't lived together in almost 7 months so living back together has been an adjustment. I got use to doing everything by myself and so did he, its hard to learn to become a team again. i am really thankful tho that were enjoying this town. the pool here is so fun, perfect for kids and warm(!!). theres a childrens festival that were gonna go check out this weekend, and next weekend they have a huge easter hunt.

stay tuned for pt.2 next week


  1. Your place is so cute! And I love how you've decorated it! I can't wait to see more!

  2. It looks great!! Can't wait to check out pt 2 now!