Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 We had the Roberts Easter at our house this year! It was so fun to have family over and a little pressure to get a little more unpacked!
 We did a little easter egg hunt for the kids before dinner. Its so nice having a family room to send all the kids to go play in while we got to play cards.

 Bekah turned one the day before so we sang happy birthday to her with a candle in a brownie!
 Happy Birthday sweet girl!
 My mom stayed over Friday night so we did Easter Saturday morning while she was here. The kids really lucked out this year! My parents had just gone to great falls and found some awesome deals on clothes for the kids so we threw it in with their Easter baskets! Thank you mom for spoiling them!

 All Will wanted were the empty eggs!
 and to squish all the reese cups!
It was fun to have family here! I think it was the first time for Levi to understand that we don't live close to grandma anymore. He thinks the spare room is now just grandmas room and keeps asking when shes coming back!

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