Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 months.

Little Miss
Lucy Goose
Lucy Goosey
Lucy Lou

Size 2 diapers
size 6 months clothes
newborn shoes
sleeps 3 hour stretches
started apples & bananas
hair is getting fluffy
still giggle cries
loves watching the boys helicopter fly
hands are getting more coordinated
loves baths & swimming
slowly getting more on a schedule
had her 2nd ear infection
snuggliest kid ever
found her toes
likes sleeping on her side
now in a crib in her own room 

Oh miss lucy girl, you are sure the apple of all of our eyes. I'd love to think i'm your favourite but we really know its Levi, he sure lights up your life. Often times we will just find him on our bed singing to you or telling you about his day. Will loves you too, but its more of a hey your there and im here.. that kind of thing. You've sure had a change in personality these last few months, you constantly have us guessing whats going on. Can't wait to see what new things will come this month, your so close to sitting by yourself!

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