Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Roberts Christmas at the Cabin 2015

My parents rented a cabin this Christmas and it fit all of us pretty good! It was so much fun! 

The three babies. Tait 7 months. Lucy 5 months Mac 2 months. 
We have three pictures like this - benson, Levi & Micah. Will, Bekah & Hunter. 

Mom and dad are carrying on great grandpa Campbell's tradition of grabbing money out of the money jar! Benson and Renae knew exactly what to do, they took huge handfuls!

The kids LOVED sledding! 

Yay for another girl cousin! Addie and Bekah were just loving on Lucy. 

Mom brought so many fun things for the kids to do! Will trying hard to wait his twin to paint. 

 I just love this one cause moms looking at lucy and Levi's being a goofy.
I think this is the best one we got! Poor Bekah! Love that mom and dad are laughing!

Will has croup and grandma Roberts just held him forever, he was so content.

Grandpa playing hockey with Will with his cane.

Poor Lucy had ear infections and was kinda miserable the whole time.

The slide into the basement!

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