Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Levi

34" tall
talks a lot
says "i love you more" when we say i love you
obsessed with toy story
you get little sweat droplets on your nose
you know when your funny
loathe time out
sleeping through the night, but getting up at 5am
love nursery and your friends
you read to mr.monkey every night
love talking on the phone to grandma. c
play so hard you just crash at nap time
say the cutest bedtime prayers
love eskimo and butterfly kisses
really good at sharing your toys
we play in your pool almost everyday
your learning about the potty
a good eater, when you want to be
love backyardigans, diego, & of course toy story 
you make friends really easy
your tan just like daddy
love to help clean, cook and put away your toys
you have such a fun imagination
love trucks, tractors and trains  a.l.o.t

We love you so much bubbs!  Happy Birthday 2nd Levi!

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