Sunday, July 31, 2011

visiting a great grandma

Saturday afternoon Levi and I went to go visit Grandma Campbell. We weren't able to attend the Roberts reunion and Daddy was working all weekend, so we went to Taber. We first went to the library and Levi was in heaven.  He discovered empty shelves make loud noises when you bang on them. {not quite library appropriate} That library had a fantastic selection of books & DVDS. Then we headed back to GG's place for supper & bubbles!

The gorgeous flowers on the balcony.
one of these days i'll figure out how to turn photos.. grr!

I couldn't decide between the color or the black and white. 
but this one melted my heart!

This one is just proof that someone is finally starting to leave a hat on, 
now that summers half over! haha oh well!
Thanks for the fun time Grandma! Next time we will have to go to the park!

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