Monday, August 1, 2011

one awesome one year old

When Levi was little i did a monthly photo shoot till he was 6 months old. Then again at 9 months and here is our 12 month/1 year old.
{click on each photo to see it in a better format}
here's an awkward smile

he knows how to work it!

so tired of pictures
when we ask him to wash his hair we get this reaction
oh dear!
just having a mid morning snack of rocks

Now that Levi's one it seems the perfect age to reflect on. when i look back levi has 2 stages that really stand out to me. 0-6 months : acid reflux & 6-12 months: active fun stage. that might sound horrible but until he was over the colic & acid reflux we really didn't get to see what his personality was like. so these last 6 months have been absolutely fantastic! The whole year has been wonderful, sometimes its so overwhelming to think how we are responsible for this little boy! Since almost every month I do a little blurb on his new discoveries here's his 1 year old quirks:
~he is so independent, generally only eats if he feeds himself or its on a fork.
~LOVES to walk, hes getting to the point where he doesn't like to be in the cart. 
he wants to be out pushing the cart.
~he chases bowie even more now that he can walk 
~were down to 3 bottles a day! huge accomplishment, he's very attached to the bottle and 
so cutting it down was a big deal.
~he drinks out of a sippy cup really well!
~he would be outside all day if we let him
~ says "more & please" but sounds more like mo & pe
~ loves the library
~really started to love looking at books
~ he is so tough
~ still is a momma's boy, but thats ok i LOVE that!

Happy Birthday Levi! We love having you in the family!

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