Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lucy's Blessing Day.

05 - 09 -2015

We blessed Lucy in our home yesterday. We had planned to do it next Sunday but Dad got called up north early and leaves Monday. So we frantically planned Lucy's blessing in 2 days. Because it was so short notice, lots of Dave's family couldn't make it. We still had 45 people here tho! My whole family was able to make it, its been awhile since we were all together. It was so crazy and busy I didn't take very many pictures of lucy in her dress, I'll have to dress her up again and do some. Dave gave her such a nice blessing. There's just something about a dad and his little girl. She is so loved.  

Levi & Lucy. Lev was blessed 5 years ago to the day.

Wills smile, oh man! 

Levi is smitten with his sister, so much love!

Dad & Lucy

Mom & Lucy

Will & Lucy.

Dad and his little girl. I know he doesn't like it when his emotions show, but it sure means a lot to me when he gets emotional. He's such a proud grandpa!

Renae sure loves Lucy, I don't how many times she held her that night or anytime she comes over. YAY for more girl cousins!

Our pretty little girl!

Tait's face, haha! 

All of the grandkids and grandma Roberts! Now hurry up and get here baby Holst so you can join the crazy crew!

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