Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Montana Pt.2

Part one below ( pictures off camera )

This isn't all in order since I took lots with my phone and some with my camera. So these are the ones of the phone!

 Levi is an awesome traveller!
 Going from blue skies and greenery to snow and fog at the top of "going to the sun road".

 This is logan's pass visitors center. It was so cold!!
 At one point we couldn't even see over the edge it was so foggy.

 Levi was fascinated by this old man statue at the general store.
 Levi's birthday cup cakes.
 Thanks Zack, Lauren, and Lucas for the fun birthday present!

 This is not the best picture of Levi but it show the cute cabins!
 Levi with boo boo bear on our morning walk.

 Swimming at the campground.
 Mini golf at the campground.

On the way home we drove home through Townsend MT, my old hometown. These photos won't be much to anyone else but their special to me.
 2 of the 4 old houses we lived in.

 Our old school.
 I loved getting to drive through, it made it quite a bit longer of a trip but was so worth it.

We loved seeing all the different parts of Montana landscape. Its such a beautiful state.

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