Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Medicine hat trip 1 & 2

Dave got asked to work in Medicine Hat three weeks ago and this past weekend. Paladin pays for our hotel and our gas. Its nice to get away and not have to clean but its a lot of work to take two kids for 4-5 days. Also Daves working 12 hour shifts the whole time so its just me and the boys trying to find things to do. The first trip was discouraging because I didn't know where everything was and getting discouraged trying to find my way around. The second trip was better because I felt more comfortable and I was able to plan ahead with my cousins that we were coming out there.

( i rotated these all to be straight but some turned again)

 The nice thing about being in a hotel was that i did try to nap when they did.
 Will getting ready to go swimming!
 The hotel is so big (takes up a city block) that they actually have 2 pools.

 We discovered their library, its way older then ours and doesn't have as much to do in it but Levi still enjoyed it.
 On the day we were leaving I forgot that We had to check out at 11am and dave wouldn't be done work till 7pm and I would have to fill in 8 hours of things to do. Thankfully after a lot of crying Levi crashed having a 45 min in the car.
Picking daddy up from work before heading home!
Of course we have to show dave the tepee.
And stop and see the bean in Bow Island, can you tell how impressed Levi was!

Trip 2:

By this point both boys were sick of the car with so much traveling the last three weeks, so I sat back there with them. Levi wanted to take silly pictures!
Heres Levi sleeping the first night we got there, at midnight YUCK!

Because we checked in so late we didn't want to say anything about our room. It was on the second floor and with only stairs to use. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but hauling a very HEAVY car seat and toddler up and down the steep stairs was very frustrating. So the morning after getting there I talked to the front desk if it was at all possible to switch rooms? Because of the flooding in Medicine Hat our hotel was housing 30 evacuee families so it was extra full and they only had one room left. And that room was off on its own in a little building and with a kitchenette (hooray!!). So trying to move all our stuff from the second floor to another room with the kids was exhausting! Thankfully Levi is such a good little brother and helped keep Will happy so I could go back and forth between rooms. Also a nice guy saw me hauling heavy suitcases down the stairs and offered to help. So I repacked everything in the one room and we hauled it all to the other room and unpacked.  So much work!

2 minutes before this picture was taken Levi insisted he needed a snack cause he wasn't tired...hmm think your tired bud!

So I decided to be brave and take both boys out to Echo Dale park. Not my greatest idea, Will hadn't pooped in 5 days so he was a bear and Levi was ticked that he couldn't go play in the water. Im not very confident in letting Levi play in the water unless I'm right there. So we left after trying for an hour. Oh and did I mention it took me an hour to get out there because I missed the turn, BOO!

Here's Levi telling Will that "no more crying or we don't go to no parks".
Levi's favourite park we found, its a little but he loves the train on one side.
After the echo dale fiasco we decided to pick dave up and head out there at 7pm. It was bug city, a ton of misquitos. There was no swimming after 7pm, of course! So another disaster. Poor Levi got his hopes up twice.

Finally got a picture of this scrunched up face Levi makes lately.
Saturday we headed out to Elkwater to meet with my cousins. Levi loved it!

Sleeping at the beach.

It was a fun little trip but so glad to finally be home. Not loving all the laundry but am loving a little routine again! Thanks paladin for the paid vacation!

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