Friday, May 28, 2010

6 weeks to go.. & sewing drapes.

Dave and I haven’t taken any maternity shots yet, were waiting for the weather to clear up. He did shoot a quick one of my expanding belly. Hard to believe how fast time is going by!




Taa Daa!! I finally sewed some drapes for the kitchen. I found this fabric at Thrift Village for $5 plus it was 50% off so really i got all of it for $2.50!!


Its hard to see the texture and color of the fabric in the pictures. I am in love with the fabric!



Its amazing how a little thing like drapes can brighten up a room!


Here’s another project i did this week. I dont have them hung up yet so you can’t see the WOW factor. These will be hung in the office.


This is a shower curtain from Thrift village that i got for $2 ( it was 50% off day as well). From the picture you can see it had hooks to hang on the shower rod. Luckily these were nice and long, I could just chop that off! Then I cut into 2 equal pieces to create 2 panels.


I folded over the top twice to give it a finished hem. I also did this on the 2 sides that were cut. So they looked finished.


Then folded over 3 more inches to give room for a bar. We have kinda chunky bars that our drapes hang from, so I do 3” hems. Did this for both panels.

I’ll show a picture of them all hung up once that happens.

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