Saturday, April 7, 2012


 The Easter bunny visited us today! He left a little trail of candy to Levi's basket. The top right pictures shows how excited Levi was when he saw that ball! He's obsessed with basketballs, soccer-balls any round little object! He got a shovel to help us in the garden. Seeing his face light up just makes us so happy as parents!
 I did the annual Easter egg hunt and Levi was in heaven! I have prepped him this week on what to do. He joined in on all the games, even carrying an egg on a spoon. We must have tired him out this morning cause he just feel asleep on the floor. He has never fell asleep like that, its too bad we didn't snap a picture. Now that he's getting older he's able to help more and more with the holiday fun. He helped with sugar cookies, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and he even helped color pictures for our memory game.

Levi showing us all his "eggs".

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