Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just the way we are:

Sometimes my focus gets a little blurry. I start to want to be the perfect mom, perfect in my definition not Levi's. I want the cupcakes with the fondant, I want the size 2 jeans, I want every holiday to be decorated and celebrated with every tradition, and I want the homemade playdough.

 (levi in his favourite outfit)
The past 2 days have probably been perfect in Levi's eyes, this is what (i think) he sees:

(movie night)

daddy takes me to the park
we all play in the garden 
we have a picnic in the yard
Mommy takes me on a walk
Dj and I play fetch
mommy and I read books
i watched Cars 2
i had yummy snacks
we blowed bubbles and chased them 
i got cuddles with dad on the couch 
naps in my gum boots
(playing outside today)

He doesn't care that:

im wearing yoga pants again
my hair isn't done
that the easter decorations are still up
laundry is behind
that the home decor isn't perfectly color coordinated
supper tonight was crepes
some of his clothes are second hand
that Im not a size 2
dave doesn't make 100k/year
i can't make homemade bread 
our house isn't big or perfect
All he wants is who I am and who Dave is. Not who we think we need to be, or want to be. He loves us just the way we are. 
(levi feel asleep in the truck on our way to waterton, with the sippy cup still in his mouth)

And we love him just the way he is.

Here's an awesome article that I read about my same thoughts I've been feeling lately.

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  1. So true Nysha! And also very comforting, when I feel like I can't do any of the "other things" I know I can always be there!