Monday, April 27, 2009

CLEANING PARTY!!! everyones invited!

okay i know this doesn't sound fun but... okay never mind there is no way to make cleaning fun.. Dave and I are going to be moving at the end of may in with my brother in law and sister in law (we are SO grateful for them!!). so we have to prepare for the RCMP at the same time so its going to be a crazy move! we have to figure out what to put in storage what to keep out and what we need to have for dave when he leaves. my goal is to have our house moved into the storage unit by may 23rd. so may 23rd im hoping to have a cleaning party! woohoo! have some sort of luncheon and one last hoohaw in our cozy basement suite. there wont be a ton of cleaning to do but if we could just have a little help cleaning it would make things so much smoother for us. i promise its the last time anyone will have to help us move. the RCMP does it for us from then on YAY! once it gets a little closer i will let everyone know a time. dont feel obligated to come but even just stop in and say hi! i would do it the following weekend but it will be my sisters 26th birthday that saturday.


  1. I'm pretty sure I can come. Let me know when!

  2. So I've figured out a way for you to have more room in your room at Mindy's... get bunkbeds!

  3. im all for that! or we could just both sllep on a single and save some money instead of buying two... im sure dave would love that!