Friday, April 3, 2009

i love my job!

i honestly love what i do, i am so grateful for that because not alot of people can say that. i love being able to make beautiful people feel good again. i get upset when people say "make me beautiful" people are always beautiful. i wish they would say "make me beautiful again!" these past few days at work i feel like ive been doing awesome. for some of you who know me im a pansy of a hairdresser! i have the hardest time cutting alot of length off. this week ive had challenge after challenge. its all these young girls with a picture of some insane crazy hair cut that ive never been taught but I figure it out! they all have turned out amazing, lots of cuts on my fingers as i try new techniques but its been so fun! makes me want to cut mine... no i must resist im growing it out! slowly but yet it is coming!

dave got a phone call on monday saying his polygraph is april 13th! its all happening so fast! they said if everything goes well he should be at depot in july!! YAY yay! were almost to the point we have a date! we will have to have a big party when we find out!

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  1. I am so happy you love your job! Its such a good career, i think!! It's good you've been braving it and cutting a bit more length off. I remember in school you wouldn't cut hardly any off mine.