Wednesday, April 8, 2009

so much to be grateful for...

This morning i had to get up with dave because we left my car at the mall last night. Thanks to daves boss we got to go to the hurricanes game last night. I'm never up this early, i know i should but i never work till 10 so i never get up till 8:30. i got up with dave at 7 this morning and i have just felt so overwhelmed with so many things to be thankful for!

- Dave! hes my best friend and the most wonderful husband!
- My job. i know its hard to believe im saying this but im so grateful to have a job in these hard times ahead.
- The RCMP we haven't fully got accepted but so far we are so glad for the many things we are learning about it! we cant wait for that adventure to begin. we always call it an adventure because we have no idea where we will be living a year from now.
-FAMILY!!! i have been so blessed to have a great family and wonderful roberts cousins. I might be biased but i have the worlds cutest nieces and nephews! I have such awesome in-laws. i love being so close to the olers and being able to babysit my cute nephews!
-Primary. Somedays i just dont want to do it but we have the cutest class of 4 year olds. It can tend to get crazy because we have 9 of them! They say the funniest things and its the greatest feeling when we know they learned something!!
-Our health. Dave and I are both very blessed to have good health. I couldn't imagine having my health get in the way of my everyday activities. Im so grateful for Dave's motivation to get in shape! It gives me motivation!
- Saturdays! i now have saturdays off and i love it! Dave and i use to only have sundays together and now we have saturdays too. Its been so nice to have more time with each other in our busy lives.

I just am so lucky. I have been blessed with so much! I wish i had time to name everything right now but i have to get ready for work.


  1. I am so jealous that you have Saturdays off. haha. You're such a positive person!! I miss you.

  2. Nysha,
    You are so cute and you and your husband are so cute together! Come visit us!