Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We've got 7 weeks left till the due date, yes 7 weeks! I don't know how it's approached so fast! It's been so different then when I was expecting Levi. Alot more aches and discomfort then last time but its so nice that Levi is old enough to help with things. Yes more tiring chasing my little rascal, but he helps me load and unload the washer and dryer. He's been learning lots about this baby and he can't wait to meet him. He kisses my belly and asks to change baby Murray. I don't know what makes me more excited to meet this baby or seeing Levi becoming a big brother.

The other morning he came into my room crying because he wanted to hold baby Murray. Just melted my heart, he is so excited! We set the crib up and Levi is just loving that baby Murray has a bed. I've been doing a lot of sewing to get ready for baby, lots of blankets and burp cloths. We joke Levi has a blanket "hoarding" issue, for example he had 6 blankies on his bed last night. So I've had to make all new ones for this kid. I'm not a great seamstress but really enjoying this "nesting" stage.

I don't know who's more ready to be done being pregnant, me or Dave. Poor guy has had to put up with the last 4 weeks of a wife who can't sleep. Whether I'm getting up for tums, the washroom or my hips have locked up. It's been some hard few weeks of lack of sleep, my pelvis grinds and my hips lock up. I'm grateful for how much he has stepped up around the house in helping me. I'm excited tho that we finally narrowed down on a name, so 3 more weeks I'm full term, so baby you can come down any time after that!

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