Thursday, January 17, 2013

What if. . .

 This afternoon we have a second ultrasound, just routine to check where baby is at with size and his position (if he's starting to drop). We're taking Levi and are so excited for him to see! But what if . . .
Murphy's law has it and the gender they told us is wrong? We keep joking about it. Our tech we had at the last ultrasound that told us he's a boy, was a student doing her practicum. She was really great and funny but as you can see from our really unclear pictures above, it wasn't the best. Also this is why it would happen, we FINALLY just decided on a name. I've been sewing like a mad women making blankets, burp cloths, soother clips and swaddlers. I've washed all the boy clothes and got them organized. Set the crib up with our boy bedding.  So we will see if muphy's law is gonna play a little joke on us today. I doubt it'll actually happen but who knows, I was seriously convinced this baby was a girl!

 Feels good to have gotten so much done lately. We've got the car seat, swing and bedding all clean and ready to go! Cribs set up, and the dresser is getting full of all his clothes!


  1. This is my worst nightmare...not that I wouldn't love a little boy, but we have bought a bunch of girl stuff! Maybe if both of ours was wrong we can do a swap ;)

  2. So excited to meet baby Murray! I'm impressed with all the stuff you've got done!