Monday, December 30, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing day we headed out to the Murray dinner, we called ahead to let everyone know about his croup and they still said come out! Thanks guys!
 Murray tradition is to do a fishin pond for their presents, the kids love this.
 Will was still pretty miserable so not to much expression from him.

 Levi loves doing it, and LOVED the present! He'll be old enough to do t-ball this year, so its perfect!
Everybody left early, so we headed home that night. 

Dave went snowboarding (a gift from his selfless an awesome wife) on the 27th with some friends, and I stayed home with crabby Will and even crabbier Levi. I missed the Roberts family dinner that day, was pretty bummed about that! Dave let me sleep in on the 28th and have some time to myself, shopping with a friend and appys with another friend that night. 

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