Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1.5 weeks and still going strong..

I dont know what virus we have going around our house but it can leave anytime.. its been brutal!

Will got croup Christmas Day and that lasted till Dec.31. Then he started getting a cold Jan. 2 and then ear infections Jan.5th. (one trip to ER and a trip to walk in clinic)

I got sick Dec. 29 with a nasty cold that we believe to be phenomena or bronchitis, I didn't have the best doctor at walk in clinic. Got an ear infection Jan.6. (two trips to walk in clinic)

Levi got a fever Jan.3, not a just your head is hot fever, the whole body is burning up fever. Jan. 5th Dave took him to the ER cause Levi's eyes were burning and he started vomiting. The Dr. is assuming its a viral form of what Will had.. that I had.. that now Levi has. His fever broke Sunday night and started back up yesterday afternoon. (a trip to the ER)

I can't believe how long all this has been going and that Dave hasn't caught it. He took a sick day yesterday and stayed home to help. Thank goodness! On top of all this craziness we showed the house twice Saturday and once yesterday (and 3 no-shows in the last week).   FINGERS CROSSED!!

P.S. for all the prescriptions we've been given this week I am very grateful to have benefits!

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