Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Months {Will}

The kid with all the faces.

sleeping sooo  much better (up only 3x a night)
napping like its nobody's business
becoming a picky eater 
good at demanding moms attention (hint: screamer)
walking furniture like a pro
crawling- goes about a foot and then looks for furniture to walk 
6 teeth
gets into everything - learned to open up cupboards and drawers
doesn't like homo milk
gives high fives
shakes his head no
This is where Will is 50% of the time.. getting himself to the couch to be able to walk where ever he can.

I can leave him in the living room and find him in my room about 5 mins later (thats the other end of the house).

 Like I said. the kid with the best faces.

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