Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day & trip to the ER

 Levi wanted to be Batman all day.. he's gonna be the kid who wears the costume to school.

 We did this 3 years ago with Benson, Levi and Micah all 8 months apart. 
These 3 babies are 5 weeks apart!  How cute are they!

 Hunter and Bekah holding hands!
 Sorry Bekah, youre just so cute!
 Mom made the kids shirts that say "Somebody in Texas loves me". We sure love you to Uncle Justin!
Here's all 8 grandbabies, 4 and under. Its utter chaos but its a lot of fun!  

We got to skype Justin and I was a basket case, seeing him was so good but really hard to say good bye. Thanks to LeiLani and Max for hosting, it was so nice to be able to have places to nap babies and lock crying children into rooms for time outs. 

That afternoon Will started to sound a little wheezy, I thought maybe he was allergic to something he ate or just starting a cold. Hes been cutting his top two teeth and they've been beasts! He started to get pretty miserable by supper time, then by bedtime he was started coughing pretty bad. Then he was doing the croupy cough, the deep growling cant breath cough. So off to the ER at 10pm, he was struggling to breath! They gave him some steroids to helping his breathing, and we were home back by 12:30 with a very long night of no sleep for me or Will. Thankfully as of today, 5 days later he seems to be down to just a cough!

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