Monday, December 9, 2013

Its begining to look a lot like...


Normally we set up the first week of November so we've been pretty anxious to finally set stuff up. Things are very different this year for us but we are trying to make the most of it. So we crammed as much as we could this weekend while Dave was home.

 The boys got their Christmas Jammies! So stinking cute!
 Levi was so excited to finally set up our tree!

 Besides getting jammies on the day we set the tree up they get their Christmas ornament. Its a tradition Dave and I started when we first got married.

 We didn't put up as many ornaments as we normally do because our tree sits between two couches, which is at perfect level for a toddler, cat and a baby to get at.
Levi got to put the star on this year.

 We also "made" a premade ginger bread house. I think Levi thought he could start eating it right away. Sorry kiddo!

 I finally caught Wills scrunchy face on camera!
 We gave Will a gingerbread man to suck on, he thought it was fantastic!
 The finished product!
All the Christmas festivities wore Will right out!

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